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How To Find A Specific Person On Tinder

Tinder is the popular dating site app that is available in Android and Apple both device in their respective store like Google Play Store and App Store. It is currently not available in the website version but soon it will be launched in it as well. If you are in specific person on tinder relation then you would like to know if your partner or someone you know in real is on tinder or not.

But you should know that you can’t do it in a straight order or simply you can’t get the true thing. Tinder doesn’t allowed to view their users profile publicly. If you really want to find out your partner or a specific person is on tinder or not and cheating on you then you can actually follow some points below.

Here are the steps to find a specific person on Tinder:

  1. Check the partner’s phone:

Then simplest way is to check your partner’s phone or that particular person’s phone. For that you will need to have the password or pattern to unlock that phone (if required). If he/she is on tinder than his/her mobile phone will have the Tinder app because until now there is now any website for the tinder. If there is an app then you should know that your partner might be cheating you through a Tinder profile by chatting with others or secretly dating others.

  1. Use the SwipeBuster:
    find a specific person on tinder

If you can’t do the first one then, you can have a website which allows a person to check the Tinder Profiles publicly but secretly. If he/she creates an account in this and agrees to pay some amount. The amount for person can cost upto $5-$8. It is also said that it starts from $6.99 in this time. If you are really commitment with your relation and get confused if he/she really uses the tinder to date others then you can use this. It is better to spend that much of amount rather than being cheated and you don’t know.

  1. Tinder helps Directly talk with your partner:

If you think spending more than $6 on some ridiculous websites that may or may not be true is very unnatural then you can follow the dangerous and the riskiest way to check if your partner is on the tinder or not. When you are so committed with this one relation then it will better if you check it if your partner is on tinder or not. Because you will not like to be cheated anyways. But not spending more than a $6 for a site and not able to check partner’s phone then you should directly ask to him/her.

This will be the riskiest because even if your partner is not in tinder then you might get lost your hand from this relation. No one will ever want to spend a life with a doubtful person. So, you can take this point on your own risk.

It is nice to find out your partner is cheating you or not but you should go with gentle for this.

How To Cancel Tinder Plus On Android And iPhone In Simple Steps

Tinder Plus is the premium version where you need to pay for extra features in the tinder. You need to subscribe the tinder plus with some procedure which does cost you and you will need to renew time to time. If you think How To Cancel Tinder Plus on Android and iPhone then you can unsubscribe or cancel. Not only tinder plus there is tinder gold as well to be subscribed.

To Cancel Tinder Plus Subscription on Android Phone:
How To Cancel Tinder Plus on Android and iPhone

  1. First you need to open your Google Play Store in your Android phone. It has the icon of the Play button which is green-type color. You just need to find the app and tap to open it.
  2. After you open, the upper screen has a bar i.e. for search. Tap on the three horizontal lines next to the search bar. Now Tap on “My apps & games“. There you can see the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Scroll down this list until you get to “Subscriptions,” where you’ll see Tinder Plus listed. Hit the “Cancel subscription” button, then confirm your selection.

To Cancel Tinder Plus Subscription on Apple Device:

  1. First you need to open the App Store of your device. The App Store has the icon of alphabet ‘A’ in a blue background. After you find the app, you need to tap on it to open the app. after you open the app, you need to scroll to the bottom of the screen inside the “Feature” tab.
  2. There you will see the “Apple ID” and you need to tap on it. Then a pop up screen will be shown where you need to tap on the “View Apple ID” option. There you may be asked to log in. So, you will need to enter your password and tap on the sign in button.
  3. After that, you will open the Account Settings screen where you need to scroll down to find the “Subscriptions” section. Within the section, you will see “Manage” or the right arrow. You need to tap whatever you see in your device.
  4. Then inside another screen, you need to select your Subscribed tinder. Then you need to set the auto-renewal slider to off or select “Unsubscribe” whatever shown in your device.

After that you will be unsubscribed/ cancel to the tinder plus. But you will need to use the tinder plus for the remaining time. You will be able to see the remaining subscription time in the same screen. After cancel the tinder plus subscription, you will not be renewed and you will come back to the normal tinder.