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How To Avoid Facebook Friends On Tinder

Tinder is basically a dating app. this app s quite popular among singles to find their match. Tinder has recently got available in website version. So, now you can login or sign up your Tinder account from Computer browser using website. In past, Tinder was available only for Facebook users. But now it is available for anyone who has a phone number that can be contacted. It means, Tinder was able to sign up by only Facebook account in past but now Tinder can be signed up with a mobile phone number which is accessible. Besides, now you can avoid Facebook friends on Tinder as well.

Below are few essential points to be noted to avoid Facebook friends on Tinder:

Facebook friends on Tinder

  • If you are getting trouble of having connected your Tinder with Facebook and friends from Facebook are able to see you in tinder then you can simply sign up an account using your mobile phone number where your Facebook social media will not be connected and your friends will not see you in Tinder.
  • If you are already signed up with Facebook account then you can change the setting to not to match with your Facebook Friends. However, nowadays tinder had made the default setting as Facebook friends will not be able to see. But in case, you want to make your Facebook friends want to know that you are in Tinder then you can turn the setting off.

Steps to manage the settings (avoid Facebook friends on Tinder), you can follow the following:

  1. You will need to open the Tinder app in your device and then open the settings of it: Settings of Tinder app. inside settings, you will see the Show me on Tinder Social option.
  2. You can turn in it on to make visible to Facebook friends that you are in Tinder and turn it off if you don’t want to make it visible to Facebook friends that you are in Tinder.

The settings is easy, so you can give look and make your decision to show or hide.