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How To Use The Zoosk Search Option

How To Use The Zoosk Search Option | Zoosk Free Search

Zoosk is an online dating site where a user can find their perfect match for dates and they can chat and contact as well. To find the perfect match you will get the search option (Zoosk Search Option) in it. You should know how to use it properly to find a perfect match.

To follow steps for “How To Use The Zoosk Search Option”, you need to login first. To login, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to open your browser in your PC. There you can open Google or any other search engine that is familiar to you. You can open google because it is most popular and familiar. To open Google, you can follow this https://www.google.com/
  2. In Google, you can search for Zoosk sign in where you will get various results. You can go with the first result because Google always calculates and shows the best result in top. Or you can go with this https://www.zoosk.com/login link to open the login page of Zoosk.
  3. In that page, you need to enter your email address in the first blank and password in the second blank respectively. And then you can click on the “Login” button to get signed in.

After sign in, you can use your Search option (Zoosk Search) of it. For that you can follow these steps:

  1. From the home page, you need to enter the Search page.You can enter that page (Zoosk Search) form the navigation bar. As you enter the search page you will some blanks to be filled with some data.
    How To Use The Zoosk Search Option
  2. So, first you need to fill with your opinion of what you are searching for. You just need to choose the option from the options.After that, you need to enter the age of that person your want to search. Age means age range. The age range of that person.
  3. Then you need to enter the City from which that person should be. If not available from the same city then try nearby city. As it comes city, you need to enter the state and country name as well. Country name should be chosen form the option because the Zoosk is not available in all countries of world.
  4. You will also get the Username writing blank where you can enter the username if you want to find the particular person.Otherwise, you can leave it blank. After that, you need to click on the “Search” button.
  5. After some searching process, the results will be shown in the page and you need to select one you like for dating or can be your perfect match.

After finishing all, you need to remember to sign out from then device. Hence this way you can go for “How To Use The Zoosk Search Option” to enjoy Zoosk Free Search option. Enjoy Zoosk Dating!